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    Mini Bio: Živilė Raudonienė is a Lithuanian fitness model, bodybuilder and professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, performing on their two main brands known as RAW and SmackDown under the ring name of Aksana. Živilė was trained in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE's former developmental territory. She is the former Queen of FCW and FCW Divas Champion, and is the first person to hold both titles simultaneously. Read more...
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    Apr 22

    thumb_RAW_1091_Photo_159 thumb_RAW_1091_Photo_166 thumb_RAW_1091_Photo_167 thumb_RAW_1091_Photo_170

    Aksana vs WWE Divas Champion Paige

    Paige with a side kick and she grabs Aksana by the hair and tosses her to the mat. Paige tosses Aksana across the ring one more time. Paige with a sunset flip for a near fall. Paige with knees to Aksana. Aksana puts Paige on the turnbuckles and she kicks Paige. Aksana with a hair toss to Paige from the top rope, before kicking Paige in the ribs.

    Aksana chokes Paige in the ropes and then she goes to the floor and slaps Paige. Aksana with a rear chin lock followed by elbows. Aksana returns to the rear chin lock. Paige with elbows but Aksana with a back elbow.

    Aksana with a side slam and she crawls around like a cat and she tries for the round kick but Paige ducks and she slams Aksana’s head into the mat and gets a near fall. Paige with two short arm clotheslines but Aksana reverses with a knee. Aksana hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Aksana with an elbow drop before Paige comes back with a guillotine choke followed by a knee to the head and she connects with a short arm clothesline. Paige applies the Scorpion Cross and Aksana taps out.

    Winner by submission: Divas Champion, Paige

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    Date: April 22nd | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates, Raw Results

    Apr 21

    When professional wrestler Darren Young came out as gay in 2013, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) made headlines when the organization and its executives, Superstars, and Divas rallied around him in support. Today, WWE is vocalizing their support of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in another huge way by teaming up with the NOH8 Campaign – and we’re proud to share their incredible participation!

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    Date: April 21st | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates

    Apr 18

    thumb_SD_765_Photo_046 thumb_SD_765_Photo_050 thumb_SD_765_Photo_051 thumb_SD_765_Photo_052

    Aksana vs WWE Divas Champion Paige

    The Smackdown broadcast returns with Aksana and Paige standing in the ring, Aksana holding a microphone in her hands. Aksana cuts a short promo about Paige, explaining how many of the divas are jealous of her due to their insecurities, and how she got lucky by defeating former Divas Champion, AJ, before telling Paige that tonight her luck runs out. After dropping the microphone to the canvas, Aksana unloads a forearm on Paige, dropping the new champion to the floor. Aksana drags her over to the ropes, grinding her face along the ropes, before being pulled back by the referee.


    As Paige regains her composure, the bell finally ring starting the match as Aksana is quick to fire back with a boot to the midsection. Aksana suplexes Paige, before pulling her into a waist lock, where she is quickly trapped in the corner and hit by elbow strikes by Paige. As Aksana stumbles to her knees, Paige goes out onto the apron and hits multiple knees to Aksana’s face, before screaming. Aksana rolls out from the ring looking to escape, but hits a massive clothesline on Paige as she follows from behind! Taunting before rolling her back in, Aksana hits a huge spinebuster, before ramming Paige’s head into the canvas multiple times, followed by an elbow drop. Aksana pins Paige, but kicks out at one.


    Aksana locks in a submission, locking the arms over her chin and placing a knee in her back. Paige fights out of it, but Aksana matt slams her down before crawling around her body, and shooting a kick into the side of Paige’s head. Another pin attempt, but Paige powers out. Aksana continues the attack on Paige by kicking her in the ribs two times, and irish whipping her off to the ropes. Paige ducks the arm and looks to go for a crossbody, but Aksana does the same and the two collide in the air, tumbling to the canvas in pain! Paige shows some aggression and drags Aksana back up, hitting two clotheslines, before being shoved into the ropes and returning with a dropkick. The Divas Champion locks in the Scorpion Crosslock, Aksana tapping out.

    Winner by submission: Divas Champion, Paige

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    Date: April 18th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates, SmackDown Results

    Apr 17


    You ain’t never seen Legends like this: Take a look as the Divas channel the Superstars of yesteryear in this exclusive super-gallery, courtesy of WWE Magazine &

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    Date: April 17th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates,

    Apr 16


    What happened when the Divas crashed the photo booth during WrestleMania 30 Week in New Orleans? Check out the grandest pics of them all in this exclusive gallery.

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    Date: April 16th | By: Ivan | Category: Gallery Updates, Uncategorized

    Apr 16

    Want to know what Aksana will be up to on the April 18th, 2014 broadcast of Friday Night Smackdown? If so, click the spoiler tab below!

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    Date: April 16th | By: Travis | Category: Spoilers