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    Mini Bio: Živilė Raudonienė is a Lithuanian fitness model, bodybuilder and professional wrestler. She is was previously employed to WWE, performing on their two main brands known as RAW and SmackDown under the ring name of Aksana. Živilė was trained in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE's former developmental territory. She is the former Queen of FCW and FCW Divas Champion, and is the first person to hold both titles simultaneously. Aksana was released of her contract on June 12th, 2014. Read more...
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    Nov 28

    thumb_OMG21_LOL21_Bloopers21_-_The_JBL_28not_Cole29_Show_-_Ep__105_mp4_000211663 thumb_OMG21_LOL21_Bloopers21_-_The_JBL_28not_Cole29_Show_-_Ep__105_mp4_000337567 thumb_OMG21_LOL21_Bloopers21_-_The_JBL_28not_Cole29_Show_-_Ep__105_mp4_000339764 thumb_OMG21_LOL21_Bloopers21_-_The_JBL_28not_Cole29_Show_-_Ep__105_mp4_000341944

    Cesaro, the King of Zing, hosts this collection of the best bloopers from the past year.

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    Date: November 28th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates, WWE's Youtube

    Aug 31


    Fan of Rosa Mendes? Check out the newest site dedicated to her,! Also, give them a follow on their official site Twitter, @RosaMendesSite.

    Date: August 31st | By: Travis | Category: Site News

    Jul 05

    002_NOC_09162012dog_1714 zl8sA48a zl8sA48a zl8sA48a features the hottest kisses in sports-entertainment in this photo gallery.

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    Date: July 5th | By: Travis | Category: Uncategorized

    Jun 14

    thumb_97927511001_3621571715001_sd773-2scrn-aksana-061314_025 thumb_97927511001_3621571715001_sd773-2scrn-aksana-061314_035 thumb_97927511001_3621571715001_sd773-2scrn-aksana-061314_054 thumb_97927511001_3621571715001_sd773-2scrn-aksana-061314_093

    Aksana joins the WWE App for the last time. After being asked about Alicia Fox’s behaviour, Aksana explains the relationship the two have, saying that Alicia is also going through a hard time. Aksana explains that she still is still friends with Alicia, although what she did was not fair. Tom Phillips reminds Aksana that she was embarrassed on RAW, and informs her that tonight she has a match with Alicia. Upset, Aksana says that she thought that Alicia was her friend, before departing.

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    Date: June 14th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates,

    Jun 14

    thumb_SD_773_Photo_122 thumb_SD_773_Photo_123 thumb_SD_773_Photo_125 thumb_SD_773_Photo_127

    Alicia Fox vs Aksana

    Alicia wants to apologize to Aksana and she offers her hand, but Aksana slaps Alicia. Aksana with a hip toss and clotheslines. Aksana with a kick and suplex for a near fall. Aksana with an elbow drop or two for another near fall. Alicia with a forearm but she misses a scissors kick. Aksana with a spinebuster for a near fall.

    Aksana misses a splash and lands on Alicia’s knees. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia with a reverse chin lock. Aksana with a jawbreaker but Alicia with a kick to the back. Alicia returns to the reverse chin lock. Aksana backs Alicia into the corner and Aksana with elbows. Alicia with a kick to the back and then she drives Aksana face first into the mat for the three count.

    Winner by Pinfall: Alicia Fox

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    Date: June 14th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates, SmackDown Results

    Jun 13

    thumb_010 thumb_019 zl8sA48a zl8sA48a

    The Divas are always camera-ready, even before the cameras turn on. For the first time ever, step behind the curtain with WWE’s warrior women in this exclusive gallery.

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    Date: June 13th | By: Travis | Category: Gallery Updates